Model Den is a website that allows professional and aspiring models to build profiles and connect with agencies and photographers. The concept needed a confident visual personality that conveyed a high standard of quality. It also needed a way to get the word out. A promotional website was developed to announce the concept and stimulate a following.

Model Den logo design gold mark

Many would take pride in being a part of Model Den and wear it like a badge of honor. So we looked toward heraldry for inspiration. But not any icon would do. The griffin seemed perfect. It’s mythical. It transcends the ordinary and its association with gold and treasure spoke to Model Den’s high standard of quality. The look of a traditional coat of arms wouldn’t work for a technology based company. It had to be modern. We thought using a really simple shape would help with this. The triangle was really interesting, not only is it the most strongest shape, but it represents the company’s three main principles: independence, quality and opportunity.

model den logo variants
model den graphic logo design
model den promotion website continuous scroll
model den website menu navigation animation
model den graphic logo reversed female
model den graphic logo reversed male
model den graphic male
model den model graphic group
model den model graphic female