SWNSN Inc. is a one-man, interactive consultancy focused on creating intuitive web experiences. In essence, his main objective is to simplify. So, naturally, I thought the mark should reflect this. Here’s the process…

So, this is what I get paid for… the process. I don’t get paid for the final logo files; it just so happens that’s where the process ends. Most people just see the finished product. But there’s a lot of work that happens behind the scene to get to that point. It’s interesting watching an idea evolve. This is how it went for SWNSN Inc.

I was super stoked when Kris Swanson approached looking for a mark. So first things first, we needed some content to work with. Content is everything. It’s what drives the design. So we discussed things and tried to nail down what SWNSN Inc. was all about. Immediately I understood that he had a natural curiosity for human interaction and technology and he used very complex programming to facilitate the two. But what was amazing was his ability to turn this complex world into something easily understandable. Here’s the mission statement we developed:

“With an analytical approach and a deep understanding of human interaction, SWNSN INC. distils the project down to its simplest form for the sake of effective communication. Even though the technical aspects of programming may be arduous and complex, usability takes priority.”

I walked away focused on “programming, complex/simple, well-structured” and did some sketching…


A few possible directions emerge and were further developed…


There was one clear direction that I loved… It created an “S” in the negative space between the < and > symbols. Pretty sweet right? I thought “Yes! This is the stroke of genius I was looking for!” But, unfortunately after doing a bit of research, I was reminded of that old adage: “great minds think alike.” A similar mark already existed. So that idea had to be scrapped, but we made some discoveries – Keep things simple, symbolize the “S” and keep in mind this should probably relate somehow to programming. Time for another round…


With an overall positive response, the stronger concepts were further developed…



These concepts relied on an even more simplistic understanding of programming… the binary code of zeros and ones, signal or no signal, which is translated visually as negative space and positive space. Boom. We had the solution.

So my process is ever evolving. I learn something with every project. With this one…




Yeah, looking back on the process I used here, I think I focused way too much on creating options instead of the solution. From now on I only show the strongest option, then we have a conversation about it.