Sababu Tees

I’ve recently had the good fortune to work with Sababu, a socially conscious T-shirt manufacturer in Mali Africa. Below are the t-shirt and collateral designs.

Empowerment Alleviates Poverty: This illustrates one of Sababu’s core values. Being as such, I felt the best way to graphically translate such a strong ideal was as a crest. Buy one online at the Sababu store.

Hello From Mali: Being based in Mali Africa, I felt it fitting to offer a design that makes their culture apparent. “I NI CE” translates as “Hello” in Bambara, pointing to their spot on the continent. Buy one online at the Sababu store.

On the inside of every Sababu shirt is a hand written code. Entering it on the web site will reveal everyone who’s had a part in making that particular garment. Sababu wants the wearer to know that it’s more than just a t-shirt, but a connection to the lives of others. TWEDEL is an acronym that stands for Together WE DEvelop Life.

Every graphic tee comes with a worker’s profile card with t-shirt fabric attached. Sababu wants the buyer to know that they are purchasing a shirt with a life behind it. The piece of fabric is suggested to be worn as a badge of support.