Sababu Canvas T’s

Sababu — a socially conscious T-shirt company based in Mali Africa. They’ve expanded their online store to offer graphic T’s. But more than just graphics, these T’s help spread their message by incorporating Sababu’s core values of providing holistic health and hope for their employees. This is how the core values were visualized.

Holistic – The red cross — a universal symbol for health care — sits proudly on the center chest, giving a message to everyone that health care should be readily available for all. The left chest has a realistic illustration of a heart, showing that their compassion is real. This is a company that wear’s its heart on its sleeve, as does this t-shirt. The term “mente et córpore” is latin for “in body and soul.”


Hope – To some, hope may be a complex thing to discover. For others, its apparent right away. But no matter the case, its beautiful when we find it. As in this design that uses the dove as a universal symbol for hope. With all of its intricate parts, the dove may not be apparent for some to see right away.


Check out a few more detailed shots here.