Remember: Imagine.

I came across a video that reminded me of another video, and now I’m warmed and flooded with childhood nostalgia.

I’ve heard these tracks before, and at first, I accepted the most obvious narrative – they’re singing about their ex. That’s cool. I can relate. It’s still a beautiful message wrapped in a toe tappin’ tune. But the meaning gets far more deeper when paired with the visual. So now, not only is this about a past relationship, it’s about every past relationship, real or imagined. It’s friends and family I wish were still alive. It’s my first-grade girlfriend who grew far beyond her age as a high school mom. It’s the day I opened Skeletor, and his greenish-yellowy toothy grin captured my heart and imagination for years to come. It taps into that place in our mind when we’re at that age of discovering emotional attachment. It’s pure, innocent and not clouded with experience or philosophy. It’s a nice place to be. And it’s something that we’ll carry for the rest of our lives.

Caribou – Can’t Do Without You
Directed by Lorenzo Fonda
Concept by Encyclopedia Pictura

The story of a boy playing with an imaginary fish. It’s very well shot. I’m always a sucker for higher frame rate. Slowing everything down gives more detail and a dreamlike quality. Dave Chappelle also noticed the power of slow-mo.

caribou-1 caribou-2 caribou-3 caribou-4

Zara Larsson & MNEK – Never Forget You
Directed by Richard Paris Wilson

Here, a young girl befriends an imaginary monster. Wonderfully shot using the sweeping scenery of Iceland. Throughout her life, she routinely escapes to this refuge to visit her friend.

zara-1 zara-2 zara-3 zara-4 zara-5

A job well-done by the creative force at work in both of these. It’s quite amazing how the juxtaposition of things can add perspective. I’ll take this as a personal message not take the obvious path, but instead, explore the imagination and create something more meaningful.