I am Jontue Hollingsworth, author, and owner of this site. I’m a designer. I do this because I’m human. There’s a deep inherent need within us all to explore, create, communicate and to be understood. Being a designer allows me to do this. I love learning and being able to share that with others. It just so happens, I do it visually. My goal is to create meaningful work that stands the test of time.

About Me

A thoughtful, multi-cultural introvert hailing from the islands of The Bahamas, I’m currently based in the United States. I believe in taking chances, exploration and bold freedom of expression. I’ve been creative nearly all my life, but I started getting paid for it in 2002 as a t-shirt designer. Besides the hands-on experience, I’ve been classically trained at university to rely on a foundation of composition, aesthetics, typography and process work. Although my emphasis is in creating and developing brand identities, I consider myself a visual problem solver, comfortable in any medium. I tend to lean toward a very simple and restrained style. And believe that the message shouldn’t get lost in a piece because it’s over designed. My work is influenced by early American and European design; namely the Bauhaus movement, Russian Constructivism and the Swiss design movement.

The Approach

I approach every project with extreme curiosity, tenacity, and optimism. My initial goal is to gain a thorough understanding of the message and the audience. So, with every project, I begin by listening — actively listening and asking questions. If I do my job correctly and listen, then the visual personality pretty much reveals itself. I have no personal agenda influencing my work, other than to communicate a message that stands out. My approach is more like a craftsman, creating something for a particular purpose. The concept of a bespoke service gets lost in our modern world, where most of the effort goes into choosing from what’s already available. The custom process is a bit more involved. It’s like going to the tailor, the shoemaker or the butcher. We’re partners in creating something tailor made. So, we’re going to be exploratory. We’re going to learn a lot along the way. And we’re going to create a more meaningful message that will resonate with people on a deeper level.

Headron Collider

Why the name Headron Collider? Not only do I love the phonetics, but it represents a concept that keeps me focused as a creative. I’ve always been intrigued by the origin of ideas, the creative process and the world of science. The name is inspired by the large Hadron Collider, a massive particle accelerator in Geneva Switzerland. This machine smashes together sub-atomic particles, recreating “the big bang”, possibly creating new elements. I found this to be a metaphor for the creative process. These particles are so small that they’re invisible to the naked eye. Kind of like ideas. We all know that ideas exist. We can talk about them, but we can’t see them or touch them until they gain momentum, collide with other thoughts and bring them to fruition. These stray ideas are born and developed in that great big processor in our head, thus headron collider.

Boom. We Collide.

If you’d like to know more, start a project or just say hello, feel free to drop me a line. Let’s spark up a few ideas and make something good. All questions and comments are welcome.

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