“Headron Collider, what does it mean?” I’ve got this question a few times before. So as an introduction, I figure this would be a good place to start.

The idea came from the Hadron Collider… that huge particle accelerator in Geneva Switzerland. This machine smashes together sub-atomic particles, recreating “the big bang” or possibly even creating new and different elements out of particles that are invisible to the naked eye. I’m relating this to the creative process. We all know ideas exist. We can talk about them but we can’t see them, or touch them until they gain momentum, collide with other thoughts and we bring them to fruition. This creative process takes place in the head — thus headron instead of hadron. Plus, phonetically, I really dig it. It kind of has a G.I. Joe/Transformer circa 1986 ring to it. I can relate.

This blog is based on the same premise. Its a place to gather all those stray ideas and inspirations.